Our Community Lending Program

Riffraff draws its inspiration from the best independent bookstores and neighborhood bars, establishments that are welcoming and comfortable and integral to the community. It will be the kind of place where readers looking for a selection of thoughtfully curated books might sit down at the bar and ask their neighbor what they’re reading, and where those meeting a friend for a good inexpensive drink might also pick up a book at the same time.

Through a combination of personal investments and outside support, we have already raised an estimated 75% of Riffraff's startup costs. In order to open our doors in the spring of 2017, we need to raise additional funds in the form of capital loans. We are seeking loans of a thousand dollars and up from those in the Providence community, and beyond, who believe in bringing this kind of space to Providence's West Side, who value the role culture plays in a community, and who understand the importance of independent, locally-owned businesses to the vibrancy of a city. Return rates will be between 2.5% and 4%, compounded annually, and all lenders will receive a 30% employee discount on books for the life of the loan.

For more details, or to get involved, contact us at info@riffraffpvd.com. We'd love to tell you more about our plan and how you can be a part of Riffraff.