the Bar

Riffraff is a full service bar serving a curated selection of cocktails, spirits, beer, cider, and wine.

We also serve a variety of hot and cold espresso drinks and tea, along with a few light snacks.

Our large communal tables were designed with meetings and gatherings in mind, and we're happy to take reservations. You can contact us here to inquire about availability.

Current Menu

(Updated 3/17)


Rye, grapefruit liqueur, lavender bitters  $8

Rum, spiced pear liqueur, fresh lime  $8

Bourbon, amaro siciliano  $8

Tequila, ginger beer, pineapple juice, lime juice, absinthe  $8

Rye, campari, sweet vermouth  $10

Bourbon, maple syrup, black walnut & orange bitters  $10

Mezcal, cocchi americano rosa  $10

Olive-thyme-basil-rosemary-infused gin,
dry vermouth, cocktail onion  $10



Combel-la-Serre Le Pur Fruit du Causse Cahors
France  –  Malbec’s alter-ego, fruity, approachable  $11

  Perrini Salento Rosso
Italy  –  earthy, juicy, smoky  $12

Deux Ânes Premiers Pas Corbières
France  –  medium-bodied, herbal, fresh  $11

Vegas Altas Tempranillo
Spain  –  sweet, spicy, lively  $8


Geoffrey Chevalier Mâcon-Fuissé
France  –  bright, golden, velvety  $12

Iapetus Substrata
Vermont  –  unfiltered, earthy, aromatic  $14

Slavček Sivi Pinot
Slovenia  –  dry, crisp, touch of sweetness  $10

Buil & Giné Nosis
Spain  –  mineral, citrusy, fruity  $8


Ameztoi Getariako Txakolina
Basque  Country  –  $12

Hillinger Sparkling Secco
Ausrtria  –  mini bottle  $10

House Wine
California  –  12oz can  $10

Wölffer No. 139  Dry Rosé Cider
New York  –  mini bottle  $8


Anton Ohlig 50° N Sekt Brut Weiss
Germany  –  crisp, citrusy  $11

Beer (etc)


Foolproof Backyahd
I.P.A.  –  Pawtucket  $6

Henry & Fran “I Was Told There’d Be Cake”
I. P. A. w/ strawberry, rasberrt, funfetti  –  West Boylston MA  $8

Maine Beer Co. Tiny Beautiful Something
Pale Ale  –  Freeport ME  $7


The Original Tallboy  $3

Collective Arts Ransack the Universe
Hemisphere I. P. A.  –  Stratford CT  $6

Finch Beer Co. Tacocat
Kettle Sour Ale  –  Chicago IL  $5

Lager  –  Mexico & Pawtucket  $5

Rice Lager  –  Osaka Japan  $5

Downeast Cider
East Boston MA  $5

Farmer Willie’s
Ginger Beer  –  Pawtucket  $5


Kikusui Funaguchi Gold
Japan  –  $10

Amabuki Sunflower
Japan  –  $10

Bar Snacks

Castelvetrano Olives  $5

Salt & Pepper Peanuts  $3


Espresso   $2.50

Americano   $2.50

Cappuccino  $3.50

Latte  $4

Mocha Latte  $4.50

Nobl Nitro Cold Brew  $4

Hot Chocolate  $3.50


English Breakfast  $2.50

Jasmine  $2.50

Blood Orange Hibiscus  $2.50

Mediterranean Mint  $2.50

Chai Latte  $4

Matcha Latte  $4.50

Boozy Caffeine

Espresso Vodka Tonic  $8

Matcha Whiskey Soda  $10
w/ green tea liquer, honey syrup

Spike Anything  +$4
Add a shot of Jameson, Wild Turkey,
Grand Marnier, Baileys, Godiva, or Kahlúa